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All energy developers looking to connect an installation to the grid must secure a connection offer from the relevant network operator. Filling in inaccurate information in a connection application or misinterpreting the connection requirements imposed by the DNO can lead to unnecessary and very costly design modifications, and in the worst cases prevent an installation to be connected to the grid on time. DNOs state that around 80 % of the grid applications received contain incorrect details causing unnecessary delays in the connection process.

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New Grid Connection Application Support Services

PSE 2 can help customers at any stage of the connection application process by making sure technical details are filled in correctly, reviewing connection offers to identify technical and operational constraints, liaising with DNOs and ensuring the proposed design meets all the requirements and applicable standards. We use power systems modelling tools to simulate the behaviour of the plant and identify potential design risks. Our power engineers leverage their expertise in electrical design, power system analysis and grid connection studies to provide clients with sound advice throughout the connection process.

PSE 2 can support you with the connection application process by offering the following services:

  • ENA Application Forms
  • Grid Constraint Analysis
  • Fault Infeed Calculations
  • Design Feasibility Review
  • DNO / Suppliers Liaison Assistance