We are a power systems consultancy firm offering tailored solutions to meet the challenges and economic pressures in the present power industry.  Trusted by customers across the power sector, we offer a full range of consultancy services including feasibility studies, electrical design, power systems modelling and analysis. View all of our services below. 

In addition to these services we provide bespoke training programmes to suit your requirements.  Get in touch and speak with an expert about your training needs.

Load flow, short-circuit analysis, protection coordination, dynamic analysis, harmonic distortion and power quality analysis.
Single-line diagrams, concept appraisal, feasibility study, CAD services, equipment specification, cable sizing, protection design.
Harmonic distortion assessments to ENA ER G5, voltage fluctuation determination to ENA ER P28, fault infeed calculations, transient stability studies.
Services including measurement, analysis and interpretation, design and calculations, CDEGS modelling, earth potential rise assessment, safety.
Support with ENA application forms, grid constraint analysis, fault infeed calculations, design feasibility review, DNO / suppliers liaison assistance.
Surveys, risk assessments, maintenance, surge protection, schematics, CAD installation drawings, commissioning and decommissioning services, project support services.
Comply with ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) or Electromagnetic Field (EMF) regulations.
Arc flash studies analyse the thermal effects of an electric arc flash hazard and enable your organisation to enhance electrical safety, mitigate arc flash risks and protect workers from potential hazards.