Grid Connection Studies

In order to guarantee the stability and security of supply of the public electricity system, network operators impose a series of rules to new build energy installations seeking to connect to the grid. As such, customers must demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in their connection offer. Whether you are working on a STOR plant, solar park, wind farm or battery energy storage system, PSE 2 can prepare a number of grid connection studies to demonstrate the compliance of the plant with the relevant standards and specific DNO connection requirements.

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PSE 2 has a team of qualified power systems engineers with extensive experience undertaking connection studies for embedded generation schemes all across the country. We constantly engage with DNOs to ensure studies are submitted on time and to the highest quality standards in order to minimise the impact on the connection process. As part of our connection studies offering, we offer advice if any harmonic distortion or voltage fluctuation mitigation measures are needed.

Electrical Grid Connection Studies

We provide a range of connection studies for renewable and conventional generation installations including:

  • Harmonic Distortion Assessments
  • Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker
  • Voltage Unbalance
  • Transient Stability / Dynamic Assessments
  • Power Factor Capability
  • Short-Circuit Analysis
  • Grid Connection Compliance