Earthing Services Design

An electrical power installation needs an earthing system to ensure the safety of human life under all operational conditions. It must be designed to carry the expected fault current and from the resulting earth potential rise ensure touch, transfer and step voltages are within tolerable limits & avoid equipment damage. Whether you are working on a generation, transmission, distribution or industrial installation, PSE 2 can undertake a range of studies to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards such as: BS EN 50522, BS 7430, ENA TS 41-24, ENA ER S34, ER S36, IEEE 80 and specific DNO requirements.

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Earthing Solutions Design Services

In addition to pre and post construction measurements, we use computer software to undertake the necessary calculations to create a tailored earthing solution. We have extensive experience on projects such as: battery energy storage schemes, solar parks, wind farms, gas-reciprocating engine schemes, data centres, rail substations, manufacturing and industrial facilities, as well as global earthing systems.

Earthing Studies and Surveys

Our services include:

  • Measurement, Analysis & Interpretation
  • Design & Calculations
  • CDEGS Modelling
  • Earth Potential Rise Assessment
  • Site Surveys
  • Safety Assessment
  • Feasibility Studies