Electrical System Design

A carefully thought-out and sound electrical design ensures a reliable and compliant system and eliminates the need for costly modifications further down the project cycle. In addition to the operational requirements of the plant, distribution network operators may impose additional restrictions on the total fault contribution or allowable range of power factor operation which may affect the design of your plant.

Start a project

Whether you are looking for a plant design, equipment specification or design review, PSE 2 can work with you to find the best solution to meet your requirements. Our experienced power systems engineers can help you identify any potential issues early in the design process and help you come up with solutions to meet the desired outcome. As part of the design process, we use power system modelling tools to investigate whether the plant and equipment will remain within defined constraints and acceptable limitations during normal and abnormal operating conditions.

Power Systems Design Service

Our power systems design service offering includes:

  • Design Review / Concept Feasibility Study
  • Electrical Design CAD Drawings (Single Line Diagrams, Three Line Diagrams, Electrical Protection Scheme Diagrams, Tripping and Interlocking Logic Drawings, etc.)
  • Earthing Design
  • Specification of Electrical Equipment
  • Cable Sizing
  • Power Management Control Systems
  • Protection Design
  • Tender Review